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Милые, помогите написать письмо другу, на английском. нужно пригласить его пожить ко мне в семью, когда он приедет по обмену( состав семьи, увлечения ит.д.)
огромное спасибо!

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Hello, dear Isaac!

I\'m glad that you you\'ve decided to come to Russia, this exchange program is really great. I\'m looking forward to see you in person. I\'m sure you would find our apartment palatable. The will get you a spare bedroom. All members of our family (mother, father and my younger sister Mary) are excited to meet you. We will have a plenty of activities to do. You mention that you play soccer, so you can join our team, we usually play every Wednesday. Also there are several movie theaters where they play movies in English, will be going there once in a while. There are a lot of things to do, see and have fun.

See you soon!
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Hi dear John DOE I offer you to stay at our home! When you come you already all been waiting for Mama Rita,dad, Alex, grandmother Zoya and grandfather Serezha. Hi All, we have waited a long time! Something happened on the road? Yes on the road in the Moscow highway there was a cork. That whatever you in Karaganda. All OK here I go to work and make a family! It was good to meet you!
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