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Past Simple or Past Continuous?
1. I (sit) on the bench for half an hour
and then (begin) reading a book. 2,
You (see) him this morning? — Yes. He
(stand) in the hall laughing. 3, He
(come) in and (see) Nelly who (draw) a
strange picture. 4. I (not understand)
what Mr Green (do). 5. Nick and Fred
(drive) along the road. 6. She (set) the
table at six yesterday. 7. The business­
man (fly) to England yesterday. 8. I
(not to hear) what he (say). I (type) at
the moment. 9. When it (happen)? It
(happen) when you (talk) to your
secretary. 10. We (walk) in silence for
5 minutes, then he (speak). 11.1 (tell)
him he should not read while he (eat).
12. The mouse (hide) while the cat
(watch). 13. The train (strike) an
obstacle on the line, but it not (stop)
because it (travel) too fast at the time.
14. I (sit) in my garden yesterday,
when the servant (come) and (say)
that a visitor (wait) for me in the hall.
15. He (not like) to play while others

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