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Bike subculture appeared in Russia with the appearance of Moscjw motorbike club \'Night Molves\'.Officially it was founded on May 31.1989.But the core of in appeared in the early 80s.
A \'Night Wolf\'\' No 1.nicknamed \'The Surgeon\' got his motorbike from his grandfather.The grandfather got it from the USA by lend-lease.The motorbike was produced in 1942,but it works well.The Surgeon (he is a real surgeon) todether with his friends kept order at the concerts of underground musikians as \'Hell\'s Angels\'did it.Working as guards is claccical pastime of bikers.
The club is so famous not only in Russia but also all over the world that the first Russian Sike Show,which took place in 1995 attracted a lot of guests from abroad.Among them there were the representatives of subdivisions of \'Hell\'s Angels\' in different countries.A biker in Russia prefers a heavy bike has own values and beliefs as bikers of the USA have.Some people consider bikers aggressive.But in most cases they have only threatening appearance

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